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Houston Photographer, Michael Carr, CPP, is recognized as one of Houston’s leading professional portrait photographers. The images we create make statements about the individual being photographed. A focus on clothing, expression, body posture all play a key role into the creation of the final corporate portrait image. An image with the incorrect expression can often do more harm than good. When seeking business corporate portrait services, carefully review websites for clothing harmony, body language, confidence and an overall sense of approachability.

Michael Carr is a full time portrait artist located in a commercial building within the Galleria area. Visit MichaelCarr.Photography to preview our business portfolio and background gallery. Call 713-461-2862 to schedule your session today.

Houston Recruiting Business Headshots

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What is your headshot saying about you?

Creating a personal marketing toolkit can be essential when seeking a career change. A professional business headshot can give you a competitive edge up on the competition. Hiring professionals and company recruiters are seeking like-minded polished professionals. Is your headshot current and up to date? If it is more than 2 years old, it is time to refresh and update your business headshot. Times have changed and so have industry markets; be prepared and proactive. Self image is self -branding, so put you best face forward online and in face to face meetings.

Here are some helpful tips for your headshot:

1. Hire a professional photographer who specializes in photographing business professionals. Different lighting techniques can add or subtract weight to a subject. Proper posing is also key.

2. Business portrait highlights: Proper attire, proper posing, proper expression for your industry are also paramount for your business headshot.

3. Retouching is available in today’s digital age. Common retouching typically includes removal of facial shine, minor stray hair removal, soften facial lines and blemish imperfections.

4. Know your digital file requirements. Saving your files in the correct file format and size can save you time and frustration while uploading files online.

5. Research and identify your individual photography style as not all headshots are created the same.

Michael Carr Photography is a Houston based commercial portrait studio specializing in professional business portraits. If you are serious about your Branding, we welcome you to visit our portfolio gallery at www.MichaelCarr.photography. Call 713-461-2862 to schedule your corporate headshot session today.




Houston Corporate Business Headshots

Question: would you wear old unpolished shoes with a new untailored suit to an interview? Obviously not, on the contrary, your goal is to present yourself in the best possible way. Something to consider, your corporate online image is being viewed 24-7 by industry professionals.

In terms of professional corporate business headshots, your online corporate portrait is a form of personal branding. People look at your online bio image and this may be their first impression of you. Your corporate image needs to be polished, professional and convey the best first impression possible.

Today’s business market is competitive. So called “photographers” are flooding the industry daily. You must do your research and look at online portfolios and online reviews to see the difference for yourself. Please do not be someone’s “Test subject”. Seek a professional photographer whose specialty is portraiture. Your business online presence is far more important than just shopping around for the cheapest price.

As in the above scenario, why would you put a corporate image of yourself online with poor lighting, bad posture and no facial or clothing retouching? Do your homework before having your business portrait taken. We always recommend a consultation before your session so your clothing and image are conveyed through your image brand. Our portrait lighting is consistent in studio as well as on location. With Michael Carr’s extensive knowledge in portraiture, you will receive a facial analysis before your session so you are photographed in the correct lighting scenario to best compliment your facial features and bone structure.

Carr Portraits is a full time commercial studio with over 20 years of portraiture experience. We specialize in all forms of portraiture with an emphasis in corporate portraits. Call us today to reserve your appointment at 713-461-2862.