7 Tips for a Successful Business Headshot

Professional Business Headshot Tips

Embarking on the journey of business headshots demands informed decisions and a discerning eye. Let us share some invaluable insights drawn from over two decades of experience at Michael Carr Photography. These nuggets of wisdom will not only guide you but also empower you to stand out in the landscape of corporate portraits.

7 Tips for a Successful Business Headshot

What Should a Woman Wear for a Professional Headshot?

Tip #1: Understand Your Market

Before you dive in, familiarize yourself with the portrait photography market that aligns with your business style. While prices do vary, it’s prudent to examine the portfolios of at least three studios before making decisions solely based on cost. Bear in mind that reshoots can be both costly and time-consuming.

Tip #2: Dress the Part

The foundation of a successful headshot is professional business attire. Our recommendation? Try on two suit jackets before your session to ensure a fit that’s just right. In our context, suit jackets in shades of blue, gray, or black seamlessly resonate with local industries. Click here to delve into our clothing tips for more insights.

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Tip #3: Perfect Your Expression

The significance of the right expression cannot be overstated. A mismatched expression can detract from rather than enhance your online presence. Crafting an expression that aligns with your industry is paramount, and a professional can adeptly guide you in achieving just that.

Tip #4: Business HeadshotsProfessional Lighting

Professional lighting is a potent tool, capable of adding or subtracting weight, and enhancing or diminishing facial features.

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Tip #5: Choosing the right background

The choice of a professional studio background holds the potential to transform the mood of your portrait. If you’re contemplating a change or an update to your headshot, a skilled professional can recommend a lighting design that brings your vision to life.

Tip #6: Speak Through Body Language

Body language communicates volumes. When seeking a professional, prioritize those who meticulously attend to proper business posture. Improper posing can render attire unflattering and ill-fitting. Given your status as a business leader, your image should exude authority.

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Tip #7: Invest in Your Branding

Your branding holds intrinsic value. Therefore, allocate resources to secure the best you can afford. A skilled portrait professional can adeptly execute the tasks, yielding results that resonate with your target clientele. Remember, the creation of an exceptional image entails 40% photography and an impressive 60% connection with your audience.

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Michael Carr Photography is a full-time portrait studio nestled within the heart of Houston, Texas. The insights shared above are from two decades of professional photography experience. Business portraiture, a specialization of ours, is offered at our Galleria location.

To explore our portfolio, click here. To secure a portrait session aimed at refreshing your business headshot – whether for your website, bio page, or social media platforms like LinkedIn – we invite you to connect with us at 713-461-2862.