Personal Branding Business Portraits

Personal Branding Business Portraits

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Professional Branding Business Portraits for executives


Personal Branding Business Portraits

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Personal Branding Business Portraits

Welcome to a transformative journey of self-discovery and professional representation through our Personal Branding Business Portraits. In the fast-paced and visually driven world of business, standing out is essential. Let us guide you through the distinctive realm of personal branding, where your executive presence takes center stage.

Personal Branding Business Portraits: Beyond the Ordinary

At Michael Carr Photography, we understand that a generic headshot might not fully capture the depth and uniqueness of your professional identity. Personal Branding Business Portraits are a dynamic approach to visual storytelling, offering a more comprehensive and authentic representation of who you are as a business professional.

Unveiling the Essence of Personal Branding

1. Understanding the Difference: Classic Headshot vs. Personal Branding Session

While a classic headshot is a timeless and straightforward representation of an individual’s face, a Personal Branding Business Portrait delves deeper. It goes beyond capturing a simple likeness; it encapsulates your personality, values, and the essence of your brand.


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Traditional Classic Headshot:

– Focused primarily on the face.

– Typically utilizes neutral backgrounds.

– Generally follows traditional poses.

– Limited scope for conveying personality traits and professional style.

**Personal Branding Business Portrait:**

– Encompasses a wider range of poses, capturing various aspects of your professional persona.

– Incorporates diverse backgrounds and settings that align with your brand.

– Embraces natural, expressive, and personalized posing.

– Highlights not just your face but your overall demeanor and characteristics.

2. Tailored Experience for Executives: Elevate Your Professional Image

Personal Branding Business Portraits are specifically designed for executives who understand the value of a nuanced and impactful visual representation. This tailored experience begins with a detailed consultation, where we explore your professional goals, target audience, and the narrative you wish to convey through your visual brand.

3. Express Your Professional Narrative: The Power of Storytelling

In a Personal Branding Business Portrait session, we go beyond the surface, capturing moments that tell a compelling story. Your expressions, body language, and the settings chosen are all carefully curated to align with your personal brand narrative. This storytelling aspect sets Personal Branding Business Portraits apart, as they become a visual extension of your professional journey.

Personal Business Branding Portraits

Embrace the Power of Your Personal Brand

In a world saturated with visual content, your personal brand is a powerful tool for differentiation. Personal Branding Business Portraits provide executives with the means to express their uniqueness and create a lasting impression in the minds of their audience.

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More About Personal Branding Business Portraits

This look is achieved through proper clothing selection, dramatic lighting and proper natural posing. Most clients opt for a classic business portrait as well as a contemporary business portrait as an additional look to their session. You can view our background options here.


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We will consult with you on your attire for your Personal Branding business portraits. A good rule of thumb is to stick to timeless and classic clothing that you feel confident in. We always recommend that clients bring with them several outfits to choose from.

We can look at your wardrobe with you and select the best outfit for your portrait. Solid colored clothing is always best for a portrait. For men, you can add a pop of color with a tie or a pocket square.  For the ladies a colored shell is an option with jewelry as an accent to the overall portrait. We have clothing tips on our site here.

For 3/4 length portraits we recommend that you try on your clothes and make sure they fit properly before your session. If your clothes do not fit well, or if they are snug, it will show in your portrait. Make sure you are confident in the attire you select and that all clothing is pressed. For ladies, we have a nearby partner salon that can take care of your hair and makeup. Please inquire about this before your session.

High End personal branding business sessions

For a contemporary business portrait, we recommend that you are photographed in a head and shoulder format as well as a waist up or seated ¾ type pose. For a contemporary business portrait, we recommend a few outfits, so you can easily change your look in the portrait, along with the pose. We will talk with you during your session to guide you through the posing. We want you to be relaxed, comfortable and look natural in your business portraits.

Proper facial analysis is key to any portrait. We can use shadows to compliment and trim up facial features. Creative lighting techniques can also add drama to your portrait and help you stand out from the competition. We prefer to have our lighting set up before you arrive for your session. Once you are on set we can make minor lighting adjustments to compliment your portrait.

At the conclusion of your business portrait session, we will review all the images captured and help you with final image selections. Our studio is centrally located in The Galleria area, 77057, and between three major Houston freeways: I-10, 610, and 59. If you would like to discuss your contemporary business portrait or book your session, please call the studio at 713-461-2862 and we can help you.

At Michael Carr Photography, we specialize in crafting Professional Branding Business Portraits that transcend the ordinary. Elevate your professional image, embrace your personal brand, and make an indelible mark in the business landscape. Contact us today to schedule your Personal Branding Business Portrait session, and let your visual brand tell a story that resonates with authenticity, professionalism, and individuality.