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Doctor Headshots


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Doctor Headshots

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Medical portraits photographer, Michael Carr, offers medical headshots for doctors in the metropolitan areas. Medical professionals include dentists, doctors, physician assistants, plastic surgeons, physician assistants and veterinary surgeons. Medical headshots can be captured with and without lab coats as well as with business attire. The doctor headshots could be used for application purposes, medical directory purposes as well as for marketing purposes.

Some of our clients that are doctors have used their doctor headshot portrait as their bio image for their speaking engagements. Doctors are often required to submit a business headshot image to accompany an article they have written that is being published in a medical journal submission. Call the studio at 713-461-2862 to discuss and schedule your Medical Executive Portrait.

Tailored Medical Headshots for
Diverse Healthcare Professionals

Our specialized medical headshots cater to a diverse array of healthcare professionals, including dentists, doctors, physician assistants, plastic surgeons, and veterinary surgeons. Whether you prefer the classic attire of lab coats or the polished look of business attire, our sessions are meticulously tailored to showcase your professionalism and personal style.  We understand that the medical field is multifaceted, and your portraits should mirror that diversity.

Versatile Business Headshots for
Medical Applications and Marketing

At Michael Carr Photography, our medical portraits serve a dual purpose. Crafted for impact, our business headshots are versatile, seamlessly integrating into applications, medical directories, and compelling marketing materials. Make a lasting impression on prospective employers, colleagues, and patients with a business headshot that conveys competence and approachability.

Doctor Headshots

Enhance Speaking Engagements
and Medical Journal Submissions

Many of our esteemed doctor clients leverage their doctor headshots to enhance speaking engagements, creating a visually compelling introduction for their audience. Moreover, a polished business headshot adds a professional touch when submitting articles to medical journals, reinforcing the credibility of your work.

Our commitment to showcasing your professional excellence goes beyond the confines of a photo studio. Many of our doctor clients have successfully used their business headshot portraits as dynamic visuals for speaking engagements. A well-crafted portrait can serve as a compelling introduction, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Furthermore, when submitting articles to esteemed medical journals, a polished business headshot adds a professional touch, elevating the credibility of your work.

In the world of academia, credibility is paramount. Our polished business headshots are not only visually striking but also enhance the credibility of your work. When submitting articles to medical journals, accompany your research with a professional portrait, reinforcing the gravity and authenticity of your contributions to the medical field.

Doctor Headshots

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Ready to redefine how you present yourself in the medical world? Take the first step by scheduling your personalized doctor headshots session with Michael Carr Photography. Call our studio at 713-461-2862, and let us work together to create portraits that speak volumes about your dedication, expertise, and commitment to excellence in healthcare.

Elevate Your Doctor Headshots, Elevate Your Career

In a competitive and dynamic healthcare landscape, your image matters. Michael Carr Photography is here to ensure that your medical portraits not only meet but exceed the expectations of professionalism and visual impact. Elevate your image; elevate your career with portraits that tell your unique story in the language of visual excellence.

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Doctor Headshots Session Today

Ready to showcase your medical expertise through captivating portraits?

Call our studio at 713-461-2862 to discuss and schedule your personalized Medical Portraits session with Michael Carr Photography. Let us capture the essence of your healthcare commitment in a portrait optimized for impact.

Michael Carr is a full-time Professional Photographer located in a commercial office building within the Memorial area (77057). Mr. Carr holds a B. S. in Photography and is a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) with Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

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ERAS headshots

ERAS Residency Photos

Ready to elevate your application?

Secure your session with our skilled photographers to ensure you have the perfect ERA Residency Photos for your application.

Explore the details of our ERA Residency Photos service to understand how we can contribute to your success.

Make a lasting impact on your residency application with Michael Carr Photography – Where Professionalism Meets Precision.