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Michael Carr, offers on site Professional Headshot Houston for both commercial and editorial purposes. This style of session is photographed at your place of business incorporating your workspace as the background. Business executives often incorporate their corporate setting into their sessions such as the office lobby, private office, company boardroom or the production floor.

The background setting is unique to your business. It describes what you do and provides a visual description about the services you offer.

On Site Professional Headshot Houston

on site Professional Headshot Houston

Editorial portrait photography refers to portrait images that run alongside text in publications to help tell a story or educate readers.

Commercial portrait photography is used to promote and market people with products or services.

We offer both styles of photography depending on the assignment. We are equipped with multiple lighting kits that accommodate different assignments. There are two types of location lighting setups used for our on-site sessions. For our on location executive portraits setup, we recommend our mobile version of our professional in-house studio setup. This setup features a background and a multiple light setup.

On Site Professional Headshot Houston

For our field work, we recommend our light and compact system where space is limited, and speed is a priority. The system is extremely portable and is one of the most flexible units on the market.

Our scope of work ranges from executives working in the corporate office to field workers working on-site at the facilities.  It is recommended to have a pre-shoot phone consultation to outline and finalize our shoot day. We often find opportunity to add a few additional images to our day by preplanning our session ahead of time.

On Site Professional Headshot Houston

Professional Business Portraits in your office

Many of our clients take comfort and enjoy seeing their projects come to life.  Throughout the day, projects files are being transferred and saved to multiple media devices. During the capture phase you will be able to view your images on our Ipad or Mac.

Once we are back at the studio, we begin the editing phase for your project. Project images are typically ready for preview withing 72 hours.  Once final selection is made, the project enters the enhancement phase.  After this phase is complete, your final images will be sent electronically and are ready for download typically within 5 days.

Michael Carr Photography is a full-service studio.  Call 713.461.2862 to discuss your on location portrait project requirements.

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On Site Professional Headshot Houston