Headshot Background Options

Business Headshot Backgrounds

Standard Background Options for Business Headshots

Green Screen Headshot Background Solid Gray Headshot Background Headshot Background Gradient Gray Business Headshot Background
101 – Solid Gray 102 – Solid Light Gray 103 – Gradient Light Gray 104 – Gradient Gray

Specialty Background Options for Business Headshots

White Headshot Background Graphite Headshot Background Gradient Black Headshot Background Solid Black Headshot Background
105 – Solid White 106 – Graphite Gray 107 – Gradient Black 108 – Solid Black
Green Screen Headshot Background Brown Canvas Background Solid Gray Background Model Gray Background
109 – Blue Canvas 110 – Brown Canvas 111 – Solid Brown 112 – Model Gray
Green Screen Headshot Background      
113 – Green Screen      

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For your business portraits

Which Backgrounds look best for Business Portraits ?

There are a wide variety of business portrait background options for business professionals.

Choosing the correct background is an important element to consider for a successful headshot session.  Start the photography process with the end goal in mind. What is your purpose of the business portrait? 

Think visual communications.

Your business portrait should showcase your personality and how you want to be perceived.  Body language, posture, and expression are factors that go into every session.  Your expression should convey trust and confidence.  When choosing a background, consider your industry, clothing, and personal characteristics.  A professional photographer can assist you with this decision and their lighting skills can also help shape your facial features through photography lighting and posing techniques.

We always recommend defining your requirements.  Our studio practices start with basic questions before getting started.

Are there any corporate requirements for your session?

What is your attire? For example, Women: Business suit or casual.  Men: business suit with coat and tie.  Casual, open collar with sportscoat.

What is your industry or profession?

Understanding the purpose of the session can save time and insure you have strong business portraits.

Do you need a headshot, business portrait or branding session?

At our studio, we define our sessions in the following ways:

High end quality business portrait


A headshot is a standard head and shoulder photograph commonly used for business purposes. 

Typically, our business headshots are photographed on an industry standard solid background such as white, light gray, or medium gray.  This type of image is typically being used on a corporate website, team group bio page or social media.  This type of session is photographed in studio and completed within 10-15 minutes.  The average number of photographs taken during a session is up to 30 images. 

Professional Business Portrait

A professional business portrait is a more detailed session requiring a more in-depth stylized studio session. 

The background is dependent on the look and feel for the final image. Clothing, pA professional business portrait is a more detailed session requiring a more in-depth stylized studio session. 
The background is dependent on the look and feel for the final image. Clothing, physical characteristics and type of industry are the deciding factors for background selection.  The photography session will typically include multiple head & should and ¾ length poses and tailored to the individual being photographed.

The objective is to incorporate proper body posture and personal mannerisms into the image.  It is also common practices for an executive to opt for a formal and casual look for their business portrait session.  The background options are more inclusive, and the selections are dependent on the mood we want to convey. 

Examples of solids colors include, black, white, dark gray and a warm earth tone.  In addition to our solid backgrounds, we have 10 additional hand painted muslin backgrounds created for business portraits.

Background Options for Business Headshots
Womens Casual Business Headshots

Location Business Portrait

A second option is a location business portrait in which a business portrait session will occur at your location

In this case, we bring our location photography lighting equipment to your offices for an additional fee.  Executives will typically choose a multi look session from formal, casual and to environmental.  Environmental means incorporating your office setting as the background. 

Examples of environmental backgrounds are boardrooms, production floor, material yard or lobby area.  If you are considering location business portraits, we also recommend having other executive leadership members photographed at this time. 

Branding Sessions

In today’s business market, business leaders are investing in self branding sessions

A personal branding session is a custom session designed around the person being photographed.  For studio branding sessions, the client has the option for multiple outfits changes and studio background options.  Prior to the session, we will have discussed the mood and vision for the branding session. 

Background Options for Business Headshots

Location Branding Session

For location or on-site branding sessions, the office or facility setting is your background.  Examples of location backgrounds could include boardrooms, private offices, private aircraft or facility grounds.  This type of photography usually requires more lighting equipment and more on-site production time.  Clients often refer to this session as an executive branding session or luxury branding session.

Executive On-Site business portraits

Michael Carr Photography is a commercial portrait studio based in Houston, TX. The information provided is our standard practice for our market. For more information regarding business photography sessions, feel free to call the studio at 713.461.2862.