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We offer a unique product where personal image branding is everything. Business portrait styles from the classic to modern head and shoulder pose, ¾ length, to custom branding sessions at your facilities.

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Headshots for Business

The Classic
Business Headshot

A refined version of industry standard
head and shoulder vertical headshot.

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Starting at $299
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Modern Casual Business Portrait

Modern Casual
Business Portrait

A modern relaxed casual portrait
for professional business usage.

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Starting at $450
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Luxe Business Portraits

The Luxe²
Business Portraits

This is a combo session including the classic business
headshot plus the modern casual business portrait

Starting at $850
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Personal Branding Photography In Studio

In Studio
Personal Branding

A contemporary stylized rebranding session
involving multiple outfit changes and set design.

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Starting at $1250
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Personal Branding Photography On Location

On Location
Personal Branding

A contemporary stylized rebranding session involving
corporate or environmental surroundings.

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Starting at $1850

residency application headshot

The ERAS Headshot

Medical residency headshots for medical applications through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) system.

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Starting at $249
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Should you need to re-schedule or cancel your session time, you must call the studio at 713-461-2862 to speak with someone and confirm (NO EMAILS ACCEPTED).

Cancellations and session reschedules made after 10am, 2 business days before your appointment date will incur a $150 re-schedule fee which is non refundable, non applicable to another session.

Reschedules and cancellations made the day of your session and no shows will be charged the full session amount, no exceptions.

Think Visual Communications.

Our business world is evolving everyday, having a professional online business profile is critical. Being able to connect 24/7 with people is a common way of e-commerce and conducting face to face business. At a minimum, we recommend having a classic business headshot in your arsenal to visually market yourself. 

The most common business headshot is to be photographed in color and in the head and shoulder format.  In our market, the industry standard is a variation of the gray background. Business professionals use corporate headshots on a corporate website, team group portraits, bio pages and LinkedIn. This type of session typically has corporate sizing requirements and specifications. 

Our classic business headshot sessions are photographed in studio and completed within 15-20 minutes.  The average number of photographs taken during a session is up to 30 images. 

Your business headshot should showcase your personality and how you want to be perceived.  Body language, posture, and expression are factors that go into every business portrait session.  Your expression should convey trust and confidence. 

When choosing a photographic background, consider your industry, clothing, and personal characteristics.  A professional photographer can assist you with this decision and their posing techniques can bring forth your leadership traits.

What’s the difference between
a headshot and business portrait?

In our studio, a professional business portrait is a detailed executive portrait session requiring a more in-depth stylized studio session.

This is a collaboration of minds working towards a common goal. The background selection is dependent on the look and feel for the final image. Clothing, physical characteristics and type of industry are the deciding factors for the background selection. 

The portrait session will typically include head & shoulder and ¾ length poses and be tailored to the individual being photographed. The objective is to incorporate proper body posture and personal mannerisms into the image. It is also common practice for an executive to opt for a formal and casual look for their business portrait session. 

The background options are more inclusive, and the selections are dependent on the mood we want to convey. Examples of professional photography backgrounds are solids colors which include, black, white, dark gray and a warm earth tone. In addition to our solid backgrounds, we have 10 additional hand painted muslin backgrounds created for business portraits.

Professional business headshots
female business headshots

What is a modern
business casual portrait?

A modern casual portrait takes you out of the corporate setting while stylizing a professional casual portrait of yourself.

Business leaders want to connect with other business entities who they feel they can connect with. Often time, this is the first impression prior to a social business meeting. Having a polished casual portrait of yourself conveying approachability is the goal.

For the ladies, we recommend an outfit you feel confident in.  Solids with a pop of color are statement pieces. 

For the men, we recommend a sportscoat but no tie.  A pocket square is always a nice touch.

What is a personal branding session?

A personal branding session is a custom session designed around the person being photographed.

In today’s competitive market, business leaders know the importance of visual branding.  Many executives are investing in self branding photography sessions.  A personal branding session is a custom session designed around the person being photographed.  The purpose of a personal branding session is to visual identify a person with a product or service they represent. 

For studio branding sessions, clients have the option for multiple outfit changes and studio background options. 

For location or on-site branding sessions, the office or facility setting is your background.  Examples of location backgrounds could include boardrooms, private offices, private aircraft or facility grounds.  This type of photography usually requires more lighting equipment and more on-site production time.  Clients often refer to this session as an executive branding session or luxury branding session.

Michael Carr Photography is a commercial portrait studio based in Houston, TX.  The information provided is our standard practice for our market.  For more information regarding business photography sessions, feel free to call the studio at 713.461.2862. 

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