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The Classic Business Headshot

These professional headshots are typically used in corporate websites, online bios, and business directories.

Professional business headshots are a necessity in today’s business world. The head and shoulder crop is the most common crop.  These professional headshots are typically used in corporate websites, online bios, and business directories.

Business headshots can represent an individual or team within a company’s organization.  Business headshots are used on corporate websites and help establish a strong presence in the business community and on business social media websites like LinkedIn.

A professional headshot helps associate person within an organization.  A professional business headshot is used as your digital business card and represents you 24/7.

Having a professional headshot for digital marketing is crucial for establishing your personal brand. A refined portrait of yourself can speak volumes about yourself.

Here are a few tips to consider
when considering a professional business portrait.

Posing and expression

Professional Business Portraits

For the business market, we recommend an expression that exudes confidence and leadership traits. Be careful with excessive head tilting in your business portraits. For some, a closed mouth expression with a slight expression in the eyes works best.

For others, a slight expression in the smile and eyes works better. In either case, approachability is key.

Be mindful, this session is being used for business. First impressions need to be trustworthy expressions. Proper body language and posing are as important as expression and clothing. As in any profession, the quality is in the details.

Michael Carr Photography, offers a variety of classic background for your business headshot. In addition to classic or traditional headshot sevices, our studio offers professional business portrait sessions and personal branding sessions.  Personal branding sessions are a modern upscale session focusing on an individual’s characteristics and mannerisms.