Tips for Your Business Portrait

Professional Business Headshots

Business Headshot Tip

Below are a few helpful tips to prepare for your business portrait session and executive business headshot:

1) Clothing tips for your business portrait:
What to wear?
Does your clothing fit properly and do feel confident?

Try on your outfit or suit at home first. We always recommend solid colors and neutral tones and classic clothing lines. You do not want someone to look at your portrait, and be able to date it based on your clothing and clothing style (shoulder pads and big hair screams 80’s fashion). You want your viewers to notice your face and expression first, then clothing.

Do not let your clothing overpower your business portrait.

Men should select a tie that is classic and not too busy of a pattern or color. Your tie and suit choice should be a recent suit and properly fitted. If you do not wear a suit often, then it would be a good idea to try it on well before your session to make sure it fits correctly.

Men- if your suit is a bit snug, or you cannot button your jacket or collar of your shirt then it is time to invest in new clothing. Clothes that are too tight or that do not fit you properly will photograph poorly and you will not be comfortable during your session. You can view more clothing tips here.

2) Make up and Hair:
We recommend you either contacting our partner salon for make up and hair, or going to a salon you have used in the past and feel comfortable with. Makeup should be the correct tone, shade and intensity: not too dark and not too light. A fresh blow out will do wonders, and you will be ready for a fun night out after your session.

3) It’s Session Day:
First, relax and breathe. We will help you feel relaxed and comfortable for your headshot session. We will walk you through and talk with you to help provoke the expression you are wanting for your portrait. When your session is over, we will also help you select your final images.

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