4 Tips to Hiring a Professional Photographer

If you are redesigning your website, implementing a new visual marketing campaign, or rebranding your corporate image, it’s important to hire a photographer who understands your vision and provides insights how to visually communicate your brand.

At Michael Carr Photography  at 713-461-2862, we begin our commercial projects with a consultation meeting with the creative stakeholders to discuss the overall vision of your company’s imagery.  This process allows us to determine your business objectives, brand requirements, and logistics to achieve a successful project. That’s why knowing what to look for in a professional photographer will help you hire the best photographer for the job.


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What to Look for in a Professional Photographer

  1. Does the photographer have any relevant examples related to your industry?

– Hire a professional photographer with training and experience in lighting, posing, and branding.

– Ask to see a portfolio of work that are similar to your industry such as authors, law firms, energy executives, and doctors.

– Make sure your photographer has excellent interpersonal and customer service skills. This will help you feel relaxed during your photography session. Your business portraits will look natural and capture your personality.

– Select a photographer with quality references and photography certifications.


  1. Does the photographer work in studio or on location?   Do they have the business systems to handle your scope of work?

  Consult with your photographer to discuss the overall vision of your company’s imagery:

– What is the corporate image you want to portray?

Where will the  images be used within the marketing collateral (web, print, both)?

– What format and sizes are required for final images?

– Where will the photo sessions take place: corporate headquarters, on-location, in-studio, off-site?

– What type of background is required: basic white, graphite, gray or environmental?

Make sure the photographer you’re hiring has a  studio, equipment, and lighting setup to execute your digital imagery. Also, ask if proper backup systems are in place to archive and retrieve your images efficiently. Or, they will specify their policy on how long they store your files.  

How to Hire a Professional Photographer

  1. Does the photographer have an eye for detail and provides insights how to visually communicate your brand?

– Hire a photographer with an attention to detail ranges from proper clothing selection, body language, and posing techniques.

– Search the photographer’s website for articles on what to wear to a portrait session, posing tips, and frequently asked questions.

– Look for a photographer that offers on-set viewing of your session images as they are being captured. This will enhance your portrait session by viewing captured images in real time while on set.  

– Ask for natural, subtle retouching on business images. You want your clients to see a positive representation of you.

For clothing tips for your business portrait session, visit


  1. Is the photographer within your budget?

A photographer’s job is more than just pressing the shutter button. A professional photographer uses a combination of lighting, posing and post-processing to make your vision a reality. They learn these techniques after years of experience, training  and certifications. When you hire a professional photographer, you’re paying them for their expertise, their quality of work, and your desired results.

Finally, evaluate a photographer on their entire offering and value. Don’t focus only on price. The wrong photographer might make things worse so do your due diligence and be thorough in your research.

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